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Hey guys, sorry for not checking on the Cherokee forum first, but I thought I'd start here.  I recently replaced my front axles and now I've got diff oil going everywhere.  I can only of two reasons this might be happening, and I was hoping one of you might be able to confirm if either is a possibility.  The easiest solution would be that I dislodged a gasket or seal when I reinstalled the axles, are the seals installed so as to allow easy dislocation?

I didn't put the truck into 4-Low until after I had it parked and turned off, and at that point it didn't shift into 4.  I noticed a rubber hose leading from the front diff to the trans, and was ing possibly by shifting with the vehicle off I primed that hose to create a vacuum or siphon, and since then have been pulling oil out of the trans and overfilling the diff until it leaks.  After I got everything buttoned up I started it and shifted into and out of 4WD a couple times and the leak stopped, but I can't be sure that isn't just cause I'm running dry somewhere.

Are either of my two theories realistic possibilities?  Thanks for the help!

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