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I would like suggestions on where I could buy either the whole set of hinges for a four door, or where to get the bushings and pins, cheap. I bought my jeep used, an 07 with decent miles. When I went to remove the doors; the pins wouldn't lift. Through shear teamwork, I managed to remove the doors by the hinges. The bushings are completely rusted and deteriorating. The pins have some deep rust damage also. Obviously the previous owner took no care in maintenance.I would post pictures but it won't let me.
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You can post pictures through photobucket.


My half door hinges were pretty bad but once I got them apart, I sanded them down real good and have no problems with them now.


Also, theres only one maybe two other people here with JKs so you might not get too much advice on where to get JK stuff other than the obvious like Quadratec, morris4x4, extreme terrain, amazon, etc

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